Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Third diplomatic suspense novel for Adrian de Hoog

Adrian de Hoog, former Canadian diplomat, has just published a new diplomatic suspense novel. 

The novel is called Natalia’s Peace .  It is a story about a confidential diplomatic initiative in The Hague aimed at developing new ideas to advance peace within the framework of today’s security challenges.  It explores the causes of conflict today, such as kinship, belief systems and collective memories and fresh approaches for addressing them.  The substantive ideas are carried forward with a lively plot.
More information is available on the book’s website:
This is  the third de Hoog's diplomatic suspense novel.  The Berlin Assignment (2006) was a spy story set in Berlin just after the Wall came down and unfolded against the backdrop of German reunification.  Borderless Deceit (2007) provided a foretaste of the loss of privacy in today’s digital world and the many challenges posed to the security of cyberspace diplomacy'.
Natalia’s Peace is widely available on Amazon sites in many countries and through numerous on-line retailers. 

DE HOOG Adrian, Natalia's Peace, Adytum Publishing, 2011, pp. 322.
Adrian de Hoog was in the Canadian diplomatic service for 30 years with postings in Nairobi, Bonn and Berlin (as consul general).  He worked in areas such as development assistance, nuclear non-proliferation, the global environment, G-7 and international economic issues, and as head of diplomatic training.

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