Monday, November 03, 2008

Jacques Rial's Book on Publications of Swiss diplomats

Jacques Rial, a retired Swiss diplomat, has published (in French) the book titled "Le Bicorne et la Plume: Les publications de diplomates suisses de 1848 à nos jours", which contains all data concerning publications of Swiss diplomats since 1848.

It is an extensive research that the author has conducted consulting catalogues of the main Swiss libraries and that has led to some surprising discoveries. For each author, Rial has provided a short biography of each author and the list of publications (both books and short essays). The book covers the editorial activities of 233 Swiss diplomats, with around 2000 bibliographical entries.

This book is included in the series "Diplomats as writers" by Diplofoundation. The first book has been "Through the Diplomatic Looking Glass", by S. Baldi and P. Baldocci, concerning books written by Italian diplomats.
Similar research has now been announced in other countries, especially in Latin America.

Jacques Rial was born in 1932 and Graduated in Literature in Geneva. From 1962-1967 he was a member of the UN Civil Operation in Congo. Rial enters the Swiss diplomacy in 1967 as head of Information in the Development Cooperation.
Secretary General of the Swiss Commission for UNESCO (1970-76). He has served in London and in The Hague. Ambassador in Yaoundé (1983), Montevideo (1988) and Zagreb (1992). Ambassador in charge for migration issues in Berne (1993).

Jacques Rial, Le Bicorne et la Plume: Les publications de diplomates suisses de 1848 à nos jours. (preface by Bénédict de Tscharner)
2008, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and DiploFoundation
Paperback, 240 pages. ISBN: 978-99932-53-19-8
Price: 20 Euros

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