Thursday, March 01, 2012

Post Unification Italian Diplomacy

(AGI) - Rome, March 1 - How did Italian diplomacy contribute to the consolidation of of national unity and what role did it have in creating an Italian national identity? A conference entitled "Post Unification Italian Diplomacy" organized by the 'Costantino Nigra' National Association of Retired Diplomats, will attempt to answer the question in Rome tomorrow at the State Archives. The event was organized in cooperation with the archives and the Commission Rearranging and Publishing of Italian diplomatic documents of the Foreign Ministry. The conference, which will be opened and moderated by Ambassador Andrea Giuseppe Mochi Onory, president of the Costantino Nigra Association, will trace the history of Italian diplomacy during the period of the unitary state, from obtaining international recognition and completion of national unity up to the construction of overseas diplomatic facilities in the period between the two wars. Particular attention will be given to the experience of Costantino Nigra, who was Italian ambassador in Vienna, while other talks will cover Italian diplomatic activities in the Fascist period and its relations with colonial policy. (AGI).